Office furnishing

burooh, more than just flexible office solutions

Flexible office solutions and workplaces may be our core business at burooh, but recently we have taken things a step further in unburdening our customers. In addition to offering flexible office spaces, we also work with professional partners who are perfectly at home with Design & Build. Specifically, these partners can take care of the complete refurbishment of your office. So you can rely on us for a total solution from A to Z.


Complete refurbishment of your office space

If you opt for Design & Build, you get a turnkey solution. Not only are the plans for the complete design and refurbishment of your office drawn up, our partners also carry out the work. From partition walls to laying floors, technical aspects and ceilings. Every element is meticulously taken care of for you, so you can focus on your business.


Your office contributes to your turnover

Is Design & Build an unnecessary luxury? Is an elegant, comfortable office a waste of money? Absolutely not! A modern office is a meeting place where employees inspire and motivate one other. An agreeable workplace promotes top performance, reduces absenteeism, is essential for your company’s reputation and for attracting talent. Our professional partners, perfectly at home with Design & Build, have considerable experience and would be delighted to sit around the table with you and reflect on how these goals can be achieved.


Take the plunge with one of burooh’s partners

Want to have your own office space designed by our Design & Build partner? Contact us and we’ll put you in touch. After a positive introductory discusson, they will be happy to produce a few sketches for you without any obligation. What are you waiting for? Our Design & Build partner – independent of burooh – will create your dream office and make sure you are ready for growth.


Contact us on 0472/387 657 or at [email protected]