What’s the difference between coworking and a fully equipped office?

A great coworking space and a perfectly equipped office: what is the difference? Well, it is big one! Let us compare them one by one to consider the fors and againsts. It is all about being able to make a well-informed choice.

What is a coworking space?

In a shared office space several entrepreneurs, companies and/or professionals work together in the same space. They can work together, but they can just as well work separately from each other. The interesting thing is the opportunities for interaction and cross-fertilisation.

Something for everyone

Coworking spaces are available in all sizes, colours and styles. From sparsely furnished spaces in an office garden to fully equipped concepts featuring restaurants, bars, stylish furniture and great coffee. Formal, informal and everything in between. Coworking offers endless possibilities, often depending on the size of your budget and your requirements. Some coworking spaces are not exactly cheap, but they are often a lot more affordable than if you had to find your own office space. There is all that equipment you can share and no need to sign contracts for electricity and the like.

Building a network

Another advantage of many flexible workplaces are all the activities on offer. A lot of coworking spaces are buzzing with events, allowing you to build up valuable contacts and take the time to unwind.

Less privacy

Are there any drawbacks? Ah well, privacy is often in short supply and coworkers can be quite noisy. A confidential phone call is not always that simple and if you are easily distracted your level of productivity may start to suffer. It is difficult to leave something lying around and create your own space, as you often have to carry your belongings with you.

What is a fully equipped office or serviced office?

If a more formal setting is your cup of tea, a fully-equipped office within a business centre might be just the thing for you. This kind of space is often run by a real estate company that rents out fully equipped offices. Many modern business centres now exist where you can find a place.

The choice ranges from tiny, equipped offices to large, modern spaces with all amenities. They are sometimes combined with coworking spaces, but mostly you have your own office space in these places.

Quick off the ground and growing

A worry-free office environment. You will get off the ground at lightning speed, enjoying your own lockable office, privacy and there is often a receptionist available to welcome visitors and take phone calls. Practically all the office equipment you need is available (generally invoiced separately). You may be occupying one building with several entrepreneurs, but you still have your own space to do your own thing.

Fully equipped offices are ideal for growing businesses, although branding opportunities are often limited, as there are other companies in the building…

Let us help you choose an office or a coworking space!

If you find yourself wavering between the two options or you have no idea what would be best for your business why not let Burooh help you choose your office space or workplace. We will offer you a comprehensive solution, working with you to select the offices and workspaces that meet your requirements and expectations. Our personalised support is provided free of charge. So why not accept a helping hand in your search for the ideal office space?