7 tips for choosing your flexible workplace

If you are thinking about the option of a flexible workspace and you are tempted by the coworking and coworking spaces system, you are definitely heading in the right direction! However, there is a lot to choose from, so how do you decide which workplace meets your and/or your employees’ requirements? We have already drawn up a list of some key points for you to consider to help you to effortlessly choose the ideal co-working space or prepare a shortlist.


It goes without saying that cost is an important factor when renting office space. The same applies when looking for a flexible office space. A huge advantage when renting a coworking space is dispensing with the need to enter into long-term contracts and the space can often grow flexibly in line with your needs. On top of that, your flexible workplace is often ready for immediate occupancy and you are no longer faced with further costs (for electricity or office furniture, for example, as this is often included).

A prime location

Think carefully beforehand about the whereabouts of your flexible workplace. If the office space is easily accessible, you won’t find yourself stuck in traffic jams day after day. Is the location easy to reach using public transport? Decide which factors are important to you and take them into account when choosing your actual workplace.

Office materials

Let’s face it, even if you work almost entirely in a digital environment, without a bare minimum of office materials you will never get anywhere. It is useful if your coworking space has a printer. Moreover, a high-speed Wi-Fi connection is a must and a whiteboard can also come in handy if you want to win over customers. So before you sign a contract, make inquiries about what office materials are available.

Facility services

Numerous flexible offices offer support services. This can range from a receptionist to a restaurant, to cleaning and the opportunity to have your registered office located there. These extra services differ from one coworking space to another. So make some inquiries about this subject and compare what is comparable. Ask yourself which additional services you need and whether they are worth the extra expense. They can make the cost of your flexible office space considerably more expensive when you often won’t be using them at all.

Meeting room

A coworking space can be a noisy place. Besides, you probably want to receive customers once in a while and would rather do that away from all the hustle and bustle? A meeting room is useful, if only to be able to have a meeting with your team or to make a quiet phone call. So take a look at what meeting facilities are available and what you think you need. Also check the equipment that is provided. Is it easy to connect to and is everything future-proof?


Even if you are working like mad on the expansion of your business, you still have to eat and drink to achieve success. It may be a minor detail but you still need to know what kind of coffee is on offer, whether lunch is served, or whether there are a few nice eateries or coffee bars nearby where you can relax for a while. Very many coworking spaces boast their own bar and kitchen. Ideal for preparing something quickly, enjoying a drink and/or having an informal chat and doing a spot of networking.


Last but certainly not least: what is the atmosphere like in the office space you are renting? Which other entrepreneurs are working there, are any events being organised and are there opportunities for relaxation? A terrace, a table football game or a cosy bar can work wonders. If you get on well with the other tenants/co-workers, it will be a lot more pleasant to work there. So be sure to take the vibe into account when choosing a flexible workplace.

Could you use some help?

You are not doing very well with your searches, and you cannot see the wood for the trees, fear not. We at Burooh not only gather together the best workspaces on a user-friendly website, we also help you to make a choice. we will offer you personalised advice if required, and we will join you in your search for the ideal flexible office space. Give us a call and allow us to offer you some cost-free assistance!